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Chances are you have more on your plate than creating communications. Building your brand, marketing your services and connecting with donors takes time – and often skills – you don't have.
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Wondering if a last-minute #GivingTuesday campaign could work for you? How does raising more than $63K in one day sound? Giving Days can be powerful activators of your community. Just ask Jamie McDonald who has raised more that $20 million over the last two years with #GivingTuesday campaigns. But it takes time and effort to […]


Many of you may know that I’m a Philly girl and there is TEENSY bit of a spotlight on my fair city this weekend. So, like any reasonable person, I am in Pensacola visiting my son. However before I headed out I was downtown a lot and I noticed some interesting things as the city […]

Redesign vs Rebranding: What We Can Learn About Image From Google’s New Logo

So, Google has a new logo. On September 1, Google revealed its new look with a brief announcement that you should read. It’s a great example of the difference between a redesign and a rebranding. If you have been a subscriber for a while, you know I talk about branding a lot. I do it […]